AC Tune Up Service Air Conditioner Tune Up & AC System Inspection in Charlotte

Air Conditioner Tune Up Service


  • Prolongs the Life of System
  • Saves Money on Utility Bills
  • Prevent Costly Repairs
  • Helps Prevent Breakdowns
  • Gives You Peace of Mind
  • Prevents Water, Fires Electrical Damage & Health Issues
  • Keep Your System Running Safe And Efficiently!

We are provide tune ups for all major brands including:

Our Sky HVAC air conditioner tune up service includes a 21 point inspection. We make sure your system is running at peak performance by checking (amp draws, refrigerant levels, etc.) which will save you on energy cost. We inspect critical components (motors, capacitors, Condenser coils, Compressor, etc.) thus insuring system reliability. Full Inspection of your AC duct system to make sure there are no air leaks which can be responsible for reduced airflow. An AC Tune Up will ensure that your air conditioning system will be running as efficiently as possible and give your peace of mind knowing that your system won't break down when you need it most.

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The benefits of an Air Conditioner Tune Up

Having regularly scheduled tune up and maintenance service performed on your AC system is the best way to avoid AC problems down the road. On very hot days your system has to work hard to keep your home cool. If there are leaks or other inefficiency issues your system will be running even harder which will cost you more on your energy bills.

All air conditioners need tune ups to ensure cold air is properly flowing into your home. By Checking that the condenser is functioning properly we can verify that your system is bringing in this cold air. In addition we will check coolant levels, air filters, drains, condenser coils, the evaporator as well as many other AC system components. Our Experienced technicians can spot smaller problems and prevent would could potentially become larger problems later on. Our tune up & AC inspection service also includes cleaning out any dust and debris from the cabinet and AC unit.

  • Home & Residential
  • Commercial & Business
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