Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning and Repair Services

Keep your family healthy and happy with professional air duct cleaning and repair services.

When choosing a company to come into your home, you probably think carefully about it, read reviews, and consider cost. Maybe you choose the company that a friend or relative recommends. If they haven’t recommended Sky HVAC yet, be the first to try us. We are a locally owned and operated company with 24-hour emergency services. If it relates to your HVAC unit, we can fix it. However, before any work is started, we’ll tell you what the price is so there aren’t any surprises!

Our menu of duct services includes:

  • New duct installation
  • Duct system repairs
  • Balancing of ducts
  • Duct insulation
  • Duct sealing
  • Proper duct connections
  • Airflow testing
  • Inspection of dust and debris
  • Check for wear and tears
  • Inspection of returns and intake vents
  • Residential & commercial services

If an air duct cleaning doesn’t leave you satisfied with the health or quality of air in your home, see why our UV air sanitizers might be the perfect system for you!

Dust You Can’t See

Out of sight, out of mind–that is the mantra for many things in your home. Your kids might even follow it when told to clean their rooms by pushing everything under the bed or into the closet. Don’t let this be the case with your air ducts. Believe it or not, proper maintenance of your ductwork can help relieve respiratory problems and save money on electric bills. A standard recommendation is having your ducts cleaned and inspected every three to five years. This timeframe may vary slightly depending on your home, the surrounding areas, and the age of your HVAC unit. Here are some telltale signs it is time for your ductwork to be cleaned:

  • Excessive household dust – if it seems you are dusting your bookcase every other day, it might not have anything to do with your cleaning abilities. It could be stemming from overly dusty ductwork
  • High number of doctor’s visits – Children and adults alike can suffer from breathing difficulties due to dirty ductwork. If you’re finding yourself at the doctor’s office several times per month, this could be the reason
  • Mold – finding mold growing in ductworks is serious. It needs to be tested and then treated properly. This treatment will include cleaning and sanitizing the ductwork in your home
  • Constantly running AC – the job of your air conditioner is to move air and keep your home comfortable. However, this job does not require it to run at a constant rate. When an air conditioner runs all the time it means that your home is not being cooled properly and it could be due to blockages inside of the air ducts.

Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

Aside from solving the problems listed above, a huge benefit of air duct cleaning is the fact a technician will inspect the ductwork. This is an important aspect of air conditioning maintenance because leaks can be found. While cleaning will help improve the efficiency of your unit, leaving leaks left unsealed, will nullify this. Stopping leaks before they worsen with time will keep your energy bills low and your home comfortable.

A deep cleaning of your air ducts will also remove odors from cooking, smoking, pets, and chemicals. These smells can ‘stick’ to dust and debris, and once that is removed, so are the old smells.

Call Your Neighborhood Sky Guy

Sky HVAC takes pride in offering the best-in-class service while performing the best-in-class work. We treat our customers how we want to be treated–like neighbors. Our company has been around since 1999 and we are locally owned and operated. Also, we are available around the clock for emergency services.

Are you keeping your heating or cooling system’s filters clean? We provide prompt filter replacement services for your convenience!

If you are in need of air duct cleaning or any other air conditioning service, call Sky HVAC at (704) 960-1775 today! We ensure all your air duct services are completed to the highest level possible.