Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte Certified Duct Inspections & air ducts cleaned to National Standards.

dirty air ducts & clean air ducts

Air Duct Cleaning and AC System decontaminatation Services:

  • Certified Duct Inspections
  • Cleaning to National standards
  • Video Imaging Technology
  • Ductwork Repair if needed
  • Duct Leak Diagnostics & Repair
  • Odors and Dust Removal
  • Certified HVAC Technicians
  • Home & Residential
  • Commercial & Business

Professional Duct Cleaning Service

With Sky HVAC air duct cleaning service you can rest assured knowing that your entire HVAC duct system will be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. This includes intakes, returns, ductwork and the AC unit itself. Using our high powered HEPA filtered vacuum systems we are able to remove any and all contaminates safely and securely without making a mess in your home or business. HVAC cleaning should only be performed by professionals, as an improper air duct cleaning can further contaminate your indoor air and only exacerbate the problem further.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is our top priority! We believe a customer should never pay for a service they do not need, that's why we use video imaging technology allowing us to show you the condition of your ducts before any work begins.

Why should I have my air ducts cleaned?

If you're bothered by musty odors, dust, visible signs of mold, allergies or if you think your A/C system may be contaminated then its time to have your air ducts cleaned, call us out for a duct inspection so we can check the condition of your ducts and AC ventilation system.

Our air duct cleaning technicians take pride in their work and will perform only quality service for your home or commercial property. All of our duct cleaning equipment is up-to-date and properly maintained to the highest standards, our technicians are respectful and all of our vehicles are clearly marked. Once we have inspected your ducts and HVAC components, our duct cleaning technician will be able to discuss all available options.

Call us today to have an on-site evaluation of your home's HVAC system. For industrial buildings and commercial properties, blueprints or mechanical plans will help us to give you a more accurate quote for duct cleaning and HVAC system cleaning.

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