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3 Common Furnace Problems and What to Do About Them

Here at Sky HVAC, we want to help you keep your home warm and comfortable this winter. If you’re like most Americans, then you rely on your furnace to meet the majority of your heating needs. Just like anything else in your home, things can and do go wrong with your furnace, causing it to lose effectiveness or just stop working altogether. To help you avoid that fate, in this article, our team will go over three common furnace problems and what you can do about them.

 three common furnace problems and what you can do about them

  • Reduced Air Flow- One of the most common furnace problems that we deal with is reduced air flow. If your furnace can’t circulate enough air through your home, then you won’t be able to feel the warmth it provides. This problem can be caused by a number of things but the most common one in our experience is dirty air filters. Simply replacing your old filters will remove most, if not all, of the blockage and allow warm air to circulate freely once more.
  • Not Enough Heat- Another common furnace problem, and certainly the most obvious, is that the furnace won’t produce enough heat to keep your home comfortable. Like the problem above, this one can have many different causes, but one of the simplest ones to check is a loss of power to your thermostat. In many cases, simply changing the batteries in your thermostat can get your system back on track. If that doesn’t work, you can always call our team at Sky HVAC for a more thorough assessment.
  • Too Much Noise- All furnaces make some sound when they’re running, but if yours starts to become louder than it usually is or to make different sounds than normal, you probably need furnace repairs. Unlike the other problems described here, unusual moaning, scraping, or squealing sounds typically indicate problems that don’t have simple DIY fixes. If this happens to your furnace, call our team right away to have it checked out.