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Clean Air is One of Earth’s Greatest Gifts


Modern life is fast paced and hectic, full of pressure and distractions. That means it can be exceptionally easy to stop and smell the roses, proverbially and literally. However, it is important to take this time and appreciate our beautiful surroundings.

Particularly on Earth Day, taking a deep breath of fresh air and giving thanks is a nice way to celebrate our one and only home. Instead of taking our pure air for granted, Earth Day is a reminder that natural beauty takes a lot of work. We all need to do our part to ensure our air remain free of pollution.

However, your attention shouldn’t just be on the outside. The air inside your house can become contaminated just like the air outside and you should take concrete steps to alleviate this problem. If you have dirty indoor air, it can give you symptoms of fatigue and you can feel under the weather. These tips will help you keep your indoor air nice and clean.

Place Air Purifiers Around Your House

saltlampThere are plenty of things you can place throughout your house that can help purify the air.

One great option is to include lots of living plants throughout several rooms of your house.

Obviously, plants convert carbon dioxide and produce air and they can act as their own filter, producing fresh air. Another cool choice is to use Himalayan salt lamps, which are believed to help purify the air.

The heat of the light bulb actually causes the salt to release purifying negative ions. Both of these options can improve your indoor air quality and look nice as stylish pieces of home decor as well.

Target Specific Rooms with Clean Air Filters

airfiltersYour entire HVAC system utilizes air filters which help catch and clean contaminants, notably dust and pollen.

Filters for this system should be changed regularly to ensure that your indoor air stays clean and your system runs properly. However, individual rooms also have their own air filters and you can target rooms that you think need extra attention.

For example, if you have a room where seasonal allergies seem to flare up or where pets spend an extended period of time, you may want to change the filters out in these rooms more regularly. This can help keep the air in these rooms pure and boost the quality of the whole house.

Outdoor Air Can Clean Your Indoor Air

outdoorventilationRight now, we are still lucky enough to enjoy good air quality in our area. Sometimes, opening up the windows and letting in the fresh air can work wonders.

Outdoor ventilation can let in lovely air that helps sweep away any stale air from your house. This circulation will leave your whole house feeling fresh and clean.

Clean air doesn’t just come from sitting back and doing nothing, especially in today’s world. We all need to step up to protect our environment and our clean air, both inside and outside of our house.

Use Earth Day as a reminder to take steps to preserve our clean air. If you would like to speak with an indoor air specialist at Sky HVAC, simply call us at (704) 960-1775 and we’ll be happy to help.