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DIY Tips Dads Taught Us About Our HVAC


The reason behind Father’s Day isn’t just so fathers everywhere can enjoy a new gift or be taken out for a meal. No, the reason we celebrate father figures on this special occasion is that we’re reminded to be thankful for all the things they taught us.

Fathers everywhere teach their children how to solve problems by themselves. Most of those problems included DIY tips around the house. For this instance, let’s recall the HVAC tips our fathers taught us.

Always Remember to Change Your Filters


Fathers always seem to be tinkering with something. It probably didn’t surprise you the first time you saw your father messing with the vents around the house.

As unimportant as it seemed at the time, you now know that your pops was working on maintaining a significant part of the house’s ventilation system.

Changing the vent filters allowed for better air circulation and exposed you to fewer pollutants while you were in the house. Since this was one of the easier steps to keep up with, it would likely be the first of the HVAC tips your father taught you.

“Don’t Forget the Outdoor Unit,” Thank You!!!

As a kid, did you ever notice that big unit outside your home that sometimes made a loud whirring sound? Well, your father noticed it. In fact, this is when he would know that it was time to clean the fins and check the compressor. Here is an example of the steps he took to maintain it:

  • cleantheoutdoorunitCleared away any debris inside and outside of the unit
  • Sprayed the inside with a garden hose
  • Cleaned the evaporator coil
  • Cleaned the evaporator drain
  • Changed the air filter

The AC condenser, while big and obnoxious, was actually the primary part of keeping your home cool when the temperatures were high. Your father knew this which is why he worked to keep it maintained.

Check for Hidden Air Leakage

preventairleakageAs much as we were aware of when our father changed the filters or maintained the outdoor AC unit, we were even less aware of when he was checking for air leaks around the house.

Our fathers knew that the AC would have to work twice as hard if it had to keep up with a constant influx of hot air. This is why he would check around our windows, doors, and baseboards for any leaks.

He understood the need to apply sealants to the windows, or ensure that doors fit properly in their frames, even if we didn’t. In the end, these small tactics helped to save a lot of money and energy. Fathers have played a significant role in their children’s lives.

Teaching us a few HVAC tips is only a small part of the knowledge and wisdom he bestowed on us through the years. Let’s remember to thank our fathers for taking the time to teach us DIY solutions so we could learn to be independent adults. If you know of anyone who never had the opportunity to learn these tips, please share this article with them!