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Honoring the Fallen on Memorial Day


When you’re hot during the summer or cold during the winter, you can simply switch on your air conditioner or your heater to be more comfortable. Imagine how it was years ago for the soldiers who were out in the freezing cold or the sweltering heat, fighting for our freedom. Imagine the service men and women who are in the middle east even now, who brave sweltering heat.

That’s why Memorial Day is so important. While it’s a holiday for most and the unofficial start of summer, it’s also an important day to honor those who sacrifice it all to protect our county. Those men and women fought and still fight to this day for our freedom and the things that we take for granted.

How Did Decoration Day Get Started?

decorationdayHave you ever heard of Decoration Day? Chances are that you have heard of Memorial Day. Well, let me tell you a little secret. Did you know that Decoration Day is what Memorial Day used to be called?

If you don’t know that, don’t worry. General John A. Logan proclaimed that it was to be used for honoring those who gave their lives during defending the country during the Civil War.

It was celebrated by decorating the soldiers’ graves using flowers, hence the name, decoration day. James Garfield gave a speech at Arlington National Cemetery on the first Decoration Day, and then there were 5,000 individuals who helped with decorating the graves of over 20,000 soldiers. Eventually, as our conflicts increased, the holiday was expanded and is now known as Memorial Day.

Helping Our Armed Forces

armedforcesWhile there’s plenty of fanfare and honoring of soldiers past, there are many veterans and soldiers in need of our help today. While Memorial Day is the start of summer for many, it should also be a reminder for you to give back.

As Charlotte residents know, there is a lot of opportunities to help the community. When it comes to our armed forces, you can visit any VFW and get started.

Whether it’s a monetary donation, time spent helping others, or general assistance for those in need, Memorial Day is the perfect reminder that there’s more you could be doing to help your fellow Americans.

We Thank Our Clients

thankyouclientsAt Sky HVAC we are grateful every day to our clients, both those who are in the armed forces and who are private citizens.

We appreciate how loyal you are to our company, and that’s why we keep doing our best to create a business that people can trust in and that will return to time and again.

We also appreciate the men and women who have sacrificed so much so that we can have the freedom that we enjoy each and every day. This year on Memorial Day, don’t just think about the grilling that you’re going to do or the fireworks you plan to set off.

Think about the people that have done so much in the past and those who are doing right now to help you enjoy the freedoms that you have as an American. Because just like Thanksgiving isn’t about football and turkey, Memorial Day isn’t about picnics and fireworks.

It’s about the men and the women who have given so much to our country to help us enjoy the freedoms we have. So make sure that you thank a serviceman or servicewoman this Memorial Day and remember all they have sacrificed for you.