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How to Get the Best Performance from Your Air Conditioning this Summer

As the spring starts to show signs of warming into summer, it’s a good idea to consider your air conditioning. If you’re like most Americans, you’re going to be running it a lot in the coming months in order to keep your home cool and comfortable. Since you rely on it so much, we at Sky HVAC recommend taking the time to make sure that you’ll get the best performance from your air conditioning this summer so that you get the maximum comfort for the minimum energy bills. In this article, we’ll provide a few expert tips on how to do just that.

 good idea to consider your air conditioning.

  • Keep Your Vents Clear- While some homeowners are tempted to hide unattractive vents behind furniture, to get the best performance from your air conditioner you’ll want to make sure that they are open and clear. Your HVAC system, including the ductwork, was designed to move a specific volume of air, no matter how many vents are open or closed. By blocking or closing vents, you put more pressure on your system, which can cause your ductwork to leak.
  • Shade Your Outdoor Unit- Another way to save energy and improve your air conditioner’s performance is to strategically shade the outdoor unit. If the air around your unit is already cool from the shade, then your system won’t have to work as hard to cool it further once it’s inside. If you implement this strategy, our team advises you to make sure that you leave at least 24 inches between the unit and shade plants to ensure proper airflow.
  • Clean or Replace Your Filter- The last tip that we will go over here is to clean or replace your air filters. A dirty filter restricts the air flow in your air conditioning system and forces it to use more energy to move air through your home. If you want to get the best performance from your air conditioner this summer, make sure your filters are clean this spring.