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How to Tell if You Need AC Repair

As temperatures are high in the summer, your AC unit is doing a lot of hard work to keep your home cool. A quality AC unit will be able to run smoothly throughout the summer season. However, an AC unit does need care and attention to keep it running at full capacity. Does your AC unit need some repairs? Here are some signs to help you know when to get your unit repaired:

it’s time to call for AC repair
  • You Haven’t Changed the Air Filters: You should change air filters regularly to help your unit run smoothly. This is an easy fix you can do at home. Change your air filter today to help your AC work better.
  • You’ve Never Had Your AC Serviced: Even the best AC units are subject to wear and tear. This means that if you have gone awhile without a visit from a repair person, it may be time to call for maintenance. An AC repair person will be able to identify and replace any worn out or broken mechanisms in your unit.
  • The Thermostat isn’t Working: Are the temperatures displayed incorrect? If so, it’s time to call for AC repair!
  • Your Unit Cycles Frequently: If your AC is turning on and off frequently, it likely needs a tune-up. Calling for repairs now will help you avoid problems from your unit breaking entirely.
  • Leaks or Unusual Noises: Both of these symptoms can mean problems for your AC unit. Have a repair person check them immediately!

If you notice any of these signs, you can contact us for local AC repair. We would be happy to help you identify and fix problems with your AC unit.