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Preparing the Home for the Worst with an Emergency Backup Generator

The Purpose of an Emergency Backup Generator

When the city is in the middle of a severe storm or heatwave, the power can go out, and it can feel like an eternity before it comes back on. Especially in the hot days of spring and summer, everyone is trying to keep cool with hand-held fans or other battery-powered devices.

Events like this highlight the importance of having a backup generator for the home. In this article, homeowners can learn the basics of what a backup generator is and why it’s important. It will also discuss the common electrical issues and natural disasters that can occur and cause the backup generator to activate.

What Is a Backup Generator?

what isThe purpose of a backup generator is to support the electrical systems of a house should the power go out. It is built to kick on within seconds of a utility outage, transferring the electrical load to the generator.

There are many components that make up a backup generator, including an engine, a fuel system, an alternator, a voltage regulator, and cooling, exhaust, and lubrication systems. All of these parts work together to convert a fuel source into usable energy, which can then be used as a power source.

For many homeowners, this means having a steady supply of gas to power your unit. However, modern generators can be connected directly to your home and powered using natural gas. So when the power goes out, a backup generator can help ensure that the food in the refrigerator and freezer stays cold and that those living in the home keep cool too by powering the AC system.

Electrical Issues that Lead to Power Outage

Though complete power outage is usually a rare occurrence for most homes, once it happens it’s hard to predict how long it will be out. The longer it’s out, the more it can negatively impact the home and the comfort of those living in it. There are several different situations that can cause a power supply to completely shut off. Storms and natural disasters are among the biggest causes of power outages, but there are other causes too.

electrical issues

If a vehicle collides with a utility pole, this can cause the power to shut down. If trees come into contact with power lines, by trimming branches or simply from the wind, this can disturb the power as well. Also, if there’s a massive heatwave where people are using more power than usual, this can also cause a power outage.

Luckily, with an emergency backup generator, there will be no HVAC inconveniences. This helps homeowners to buy more time and wait out the power outage until a technician can resolve the situation.

Natural Disasters Resulting in No Power

natural disastersNatural disasters are devastating and impossible to prevent. Tornadoes and earthquakes come without notice and can rip houses and towns apart. Hurricanes, though they have a slightly longer warning time, can flood cities and destroy homes and businesses.

When natural disasters rip through a town, they often disrupt the power causing widespread outages that could last for hours or even days.

When a natural disaster hits, it’s hard to feel safe and comfortable anywhere. A home is supposed to be that place of comfort. Emergency backup generators are so critical in these situations, providing a little bit of comfort in a time of disaster.

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