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The Reason Your Heating System is Blowing Cold Air at Home

How to Resolve a Broken Heater: Troubleshooting Tips and Brands to Lookout For

Homeownership takes on responsibilities such as ensuring safety for occupants, and that the systems in the home are working properly along with meeting the household’s needs. Without a properly working system, especially when it comes to your heating system, your household will experience more than discomfort if the problem isn’t resolved.

When your heater stops functioning properly, don’t quickly assume that the reasons are severe when they could require some troubleshooting and professional assistance. If your home is feeling cooler during the winter season whenever you have it set at a warmer temperature, local professionals are a call away.

Check Your Furnace Settings

If you notice that your home has become cooler than what it should be, there’s no need to start worrying. It’s best to check your furnace’s setting because it may be set incorrectly. Oftentimes if this is the case, some homeowners forget to switch their summer setting to fall by leaving the fan setting on.

furnace settings

Your heater may need troubleshooting, which you can do yourself if you feel confident in the task. Here are the problems you can resolve as you troubleshoot your furnace:

  • Change Setting From On to Auto: The fan may be on. Switching from On to Auto means that the blower will only activate whenever hot air circulates.
  • Check the Air Filter: A dirty filter blocks the airflow of the heat exchanger, which creates a chain reaction for the heater to overheat, and then the heat burners will turn off to prevent cracking. Make sure the system is turned off prior to checking the filter. If this occurs, a technician’s services will be required.
  • Check the Pilot Light: If you have an older heat, make sure that the Pilot light is on. If the light isn’t, this means no heat is being created.

Overheated Heater? A Sign Your Heater Needs Replacement

After experiencing the hot summer months, you may not have used your heater as frequently to notice if there were any problems until you really needed to use it for the colder seasons. There are a few signs that indicate that it’s time for you to invest in a new heater to replace your current one if it has overheated and cannot be salvaged.

overheated heaterHere are a few to pay attention to:
  • Burning Smell: The burning smell is different from when you turn on your heat for the first time during the colder months. Pay attention to if your heater has overheated because it will then turn off on its own.
  • Heater Makes Noises: If the heater is making sounds, this means that the motor is malfunctioning and not performing to its full potential. Instead, excessive heat will produce and create noises.
  • Furnace Turns Off: Resetting your furnace is never a good sign. If you turn your heating system on and find that it does not turn back on, there may be a deeper problem.

These are a few signs that you should not ignore as your household’s safety and health are at risk. It’s important to speak with a technician about replacing your old heater for a more efficient one.

Check For Dirty Air Filters

Often as a homeowner, checking for vents and other important air filters, like the ones in your furnace system, tend to get put on the back burner of priorities. If your furnace has stopped working, this doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with your furnace. It could be easily fixed with a change of a clean air filter.

dirty air filters

A dirty air filter creates a blockage in a furnace. If not clean routinely, the furnace has its own way to prevent it from overheating and creating damage by shutting off. Proactively changing a heater’s air purifier not only provides more sanitary and clean air to breathe in, but it will prevent blockage and heater malfunctions.

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