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Springtime Heating & Air Conditioning Services to Consider

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May is a full month. We honor our mothers on Mother’s Day, remember those who died while serving in the military on Memorial Day, applaud all our defenders on Armed Forces Day, and party on Cinco de Mayo. On top of all that, we welcome spring and its riot of flowers and those few brief weeks when neither heat nor air conditioning is usually needed in North Carolina.

During this respite, it is a great time for heating & air conditioning services to maintain your HVAC unit. Regular maintenance on your system is an essential part of keeping it running efficiently, which prolongs its life and reduces your utility bills. Taking care of heating & air conditioning services right before winter and summer helps to make sure that when you need to turn on the system, you won’t have any problems. It is generally easier to get an appointment during these slower times, as well.

At Sky HVAC, we provide heating & air conditioning services on all brands and models. We also handle replacement units from Lennox, a trusted source for top quality and dependability. We always offer flat-rate pricing with no surprises, as we have for the 50+ years we have served the Charlotte area. We also provide emergency heating & air conditioning services. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment, so you can enjoy the various holidays and blooming flowers instead of worrying about whether your HVAC system will come on when you need it later in the season.