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The Benefits of Making HVAC Green


With more and more homes considering energy alternatives like solar, what can you be doing to help your home? Whether you know it or not, your heating and cooling systems are some of the biggest consumers of energy in your home.

But they can also be some of the easiest systems to harness for energy savings. The HVAC industry has in recent years made strides to improve energy efficiency in all their systems. One of the easiest ways to make a difference and go green is with a newer AC installation.

However, that isn’t the only way to get the job done. For many homeowners, making slight changes to your daily routine can have a big impact on your budget and the environment. Be sure to read on to learn a few steps you can take today!

Why is Energy Conservation Important?

energyconservationWhen it comes to the environment, less is more. Less energy usage can go a long way to reducing gases and negative impacts on the environment.

A little-known fact, however, is it could also offer serious benefits to your home too. When your heating or air conditioning systems are working more energy efficiently, it can mean big savings for your monthly costs.

One simple way to get this going is with a washable air filter. Not all air filters are recyclable, so why not opt for one you can use over and over again? Washable filters can easily be removed and cleaned, reducing the cost of air filters in general and also improving your energy performance.

Additionally, many of the thermostats in our customer’s homes are programmable. This allows you to easily set the temperature higher when you’re not in your home. This reduces runtime and also helps decrease impacts on the environment.

Green Alternatives Save Money!

energycostHow much do you spend monthly on your energy? What if you could reduce that by 10-15%? With simple changes to your HVAC system, it could be running more energy efficiently.

Improved energy efficiency translates into big savings for your monthly costs. Additionally, green alternatives may also help to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner.

For example, if you’re cleaning your air filter more frequently because it’s washable, you reduce the number of impurities that find their way into your AC. This prevents costly repairs and also reduces the wear and tear on your system.

Top Alternative Energy Solutions

If you are in the market for a new HVAC system in your home, you can make a bigger commitment to the environment with an alternative energy solution. Some of the top systems that are popular now include:

  • effectivehvacSolar powered heating and cooling.
  • Geothermal Systems.
  • Ductless Minit Split Systems.
  • Heat Pumps.
  • Radiant Heating.

An experienced HVAC contractor will be able to tell you which system is the best for your home and also assist you with the installation process.

Keeping Effective HVAC in Your Home

For many homeowners, the bottom line is keeping costs down in your home. When you choose to go green, you’ll be doing just that. Just as they say that turning off the water while you brush your teeth can save water, so can changes to your HVAC system, it saves energy.

An easy way to get started is to simply turn off your HVAC when you’re not planning on being home. Also, be sure to work with friends and family to make a difference. When you share the blog and hold one another accountable, you can easily make strides in cutting the carbon footprint of your neighborhood.