Carrier® AC Services in Charlotte

Repair, tune-up, installation and more! We provide everything your Carrier® unit needs to run efficiently.

Breakthroughs like superior humidity control, smaller cabinet sizes, variable speed technology and cooling systems designed to be rugged enough to handle the most extreme weather conditions, means there’s a Carrier® model tailored to your A/C needs. Whether you expect maximum comfort, minimal sound, maximum energy savings, or all of the above, Carrier® air conditioners have you covered year round.

To have your Carrier® AC unit running at peak performance, Sky HVAC offers dependable AC repair, tune-up and maintenance service!

Efficiency, quality, innovation: The Carrier® air conditioners use multispeed capabilities and intelligent electronics that take energy-saving performance and indoor comfort to new levels. Throughout the entire Carrier® air conditioner line, environmental stewardship, lasting durability and quality has endured for over a century. And, when you choose a cooling system with a Carrier® air conditioner and thermostat, you will benefit from year-round comfort.

Carrier® air conditioners represent years of development, design and testing with one goal in mind: improving your family’s overall comfort. During this design process, Carrier® has surpassed the competitors with new technologies that provide energy efficiency and superior quality that you demand from your air conditioner, while at the same time staying way ahead of global initiatives and industry trends.

An HVAC System like No Other

Carrier® units feature some impressive benefits, including:

  • Innovative Technology: Carrier® multistage air conditioners are able to smooth out the usual, up-and-down comfort cycles of typical systems by varying cooling capacities and speeds as conditions change. The result of this can be felt with consistency of indoor humidity and temperature, even on those sticky, hot summer days.
  • Durable & Reliable Cooling System: The galvanized steel cabinet, coil guard, and powder coated baked on paint offers superior protection against dents, dings and other weather related threats. For homes located in areas with extreme weather, ask about Carrier® models with weather shield protection for longer lasting corrosion resistance against the most extreme environments.
  • A/C Efficiency: SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings are equivalent to something like your car’s MPG: the higher the number, the higher the potential for savings. Carrier® air conditioners provide a range of efficiencies from 16 SEER up to as high as 21 SEER.
  • Low Air Conditioner Sounds Levels: Carrier® air conditioners are made to cool your home efficiently and quietly. All Carrier® models include Silencer System components that are able to reduce airflow vibration to achieve very low sound levels, down to 56 dBA.
  • Humidity Management Control: The Carrier® multi-stage or two-stage air conditioner is key to providing efficiency and comfort using precision humidity management. Add a touch control humidifier and a multi-speed indoor unit and let the humidity system technology deliver year round comfort.

Call Us for Dependable Service

We are proud to service all Carrier® models, including:

Infinity Series, Infinity 21, 24ANB1, 19VS, 17, 24ANB7, 16, 24ANB6, Performance Series, Performance 17, 24ACB7, 16, 24ACC6, 13, 24ACB3, 14, 24AHA4, Performance 13 Compact, 38HDR, Comfort Series, Comfort 16, 24AAA6, 24ABC6, 15, 24AAA5, 14, 24ACC4.

Count on us for:

  • Carrier® AC System Installation and Repair
  • Carrier® AC Maintenance and Tune Ups
  • Carrier® AC System Relocation
  • Residential & Commercial Services

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