Electrical Services, Charleston, SC

We offer a variety of electrical services in Charleston, SC, including fuse replacement, light fixture repair, power surge protection, and re-wiring services.

Electrical Services, Charleston, North Carolina
At Sky HVAC, we have experience with all types of electrical services. Our service area covers residential and commercial properties in Charleston, North Carolina, as well as Newton, Hildebran, Hiddenite, Lenoir, Morganton, Conover, Bethlehem, Granite Falls, Hudson, Sherrills Ford, Drexel, Vale, Claremont, Statesville, Maiden, Rhodhiss, Valdese, Taylorsville, Catawba, and Connelly Springs, North Carolina.

  • Fuse Replacement: A fuse protects an appliance from a sudden power surge. When an electrical current suddenly surges, a filament of metal inside the fuse will break and disconnect the power source from the appliance. This means that once you blow a fuse, the item will no longer function unless it has battery backup. If you do blow a fuse, our experts at Sky HVAC in Charleston, North Carolina can perform fuse replacement services. During this process, a technician will diagnose which fuse is broken, and then carefully remove and replace the cartridge.
  • Light Fixture Repair: Most electricians discourage people from attempting their own light fixture repairs, as this process can be dangerous and result in shocks or burns. Along with other electrical services, this type of job requires disconnecting and reconnecting potentially hot wires, so if you mistakenly connect the wrong wires, you could also create a fire hazard in your home without even realizing what you have done wrong. At Sky HVAC, we can provide reasonably priced light fixture repair and other electrical services to keep you and your family members safe.
  • Power Surge Protection: If your home or business suddenly receives a surge of electricity, whether from an electrical storm or problem with the power line, it can cause serious damage to anything that is plugged into an outlet. Instead of plugging directly into outlets, make sure to use surge protectors for all appliances and electronics. They will help to short out the electricity, which will stop the current from blowing out a TV or computer. This problem commonly occurs during thunderstorms around the country and can also be very dangerous if you are home when the surge takes place. If an electronic has glass on it, such as a television, it can explode and cause injury. Contact us for more information about power surge protection.
  • Re-Wiring Services: Re-wiring should be done by a professional electrician at least once every ten years. Regular maintenance of your wiring will keep your home within safety and building regulations and can also prevent problems such as fire hazards and faulty wiring that leaves your family in the dark. At Sky HVAC, we offer re-wiring services, along with a wide variety of other electrical services to homes and businesses in Charleston, North Carolina. We work quickly and efficiently and will give you flat-rate pricing per job instead of an hourly estimate.


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