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Winter is coming, and there is nothing like coming home to a space filled with warmth after a long day. Keep your home, your place of comfort, warm by maintaining or replacing your heating unit to ensure that your home doesn’t end up out in the cold. Our trained professionals are ready to take on the job and get it done right the first time.

Sky HVAC has you covered. Our experienced contractors are ready to ensure that your heating systems will keep your home comfortable all through the winter. Contact us online or call 843-981-0660843-981-0660 to get started.

Heating Installation & Replacement Services

Whether you are upgrading to a new heater or simply replacing your old one, Sky HVAC provides high-quality new installation and replacement services when you need it most. These include:

Signs You Need Heating Repair

There are a number of signs that can indicate a need for a new heater for your home. These are among the most common reasons why an installation or replacement is needed:

  • Age – If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it may be time to get a new one.
  • Frequent need for repairs – If your heater needs repair multiple times per year, it would be more cost-efficient to replace it with a newer model.
  • Cracks– Some damages can be too severe and unrepairable. A new heater ensures a reliable source of hot water.
  • Increasing utility bills – Inefficient heating causes your heater to work harder, increasing your monthly energy bills.

Have one of our experts install a new heater or replace your old one today! Schedule your service and dial 843-981-0660843-981-0660 or reach out to us online now.

Heating Repair Services

Normal wear and tear cause any heating system to need repairs eventually. But with Sky HVAC, you can save hundreds on repairs with our coupons and financing options! If left alone for too long, small repairs can lead to irreparable damage, resulting in you needing a total replacement. We offer an array of heating repair services, including:

Prevent needing to replace your heater with Sky HVAC’s heating repair services! Speak with a technician to schedule an appointment at 843-981-0660843-981-0660.

Heating Maintenance Services

While most newer heating systems can last up to 15 years, you can extend the life of your new or current heating unit by having it routinely maintained. Routine maintenance can help catch small issues before they grow into bigger problems, saving you money on repairs. Regular maintenance also helps to keep your current heating unit running smoothly for years to come.

Keep your heating unit running smoothly all year round! Learn how you can save hundreds with our Energy Saving Service Agreement by calling 843-981-0660843-981-0660 now.

Reach for the Sky with Our Heating Services

Locally owned and operated, Sky HVAC provides quality service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We only carry the most current, high-quality name brands, including smart home thermostats – to give you the most bang for your buck. Additionally, as part of the Energy Saving Service Agreement (ESSA), you will never receive overtime charges and always enjoy a 15% discount on all repairs, tune-ups, and preventive maintenance twice a year!

We offer 24/7 emergency heating and cooling services, so you never have to be without heat again. Experience the Sky HVAC difference and call 843-981-0660843-981-0660 or schedule your heating service online now!