Commercial Services in Charlotte

Reliable & Affordable Commercial HVAC Services for Your Charlotte Business

Owners and managers of commercial buildings or properties in Charlotte, NC carry the heavy responsibility of making sure that the tenants of their commercial holdings have a healthy, stable, and comfortable environment to work in year-round.

A well-functioning HVAC system can make or break how a company comes across to employees, potential investors, tenants, and customers. Enlist the help of the commercial HVAC experts at Sky HVAC to guarantee comfort in your commercial holdings regardless of the temperatures and conditions outside.

Sky HVAC also works with light commercial HVAC equipment, allowing us to service and install HVAC systems in apartment buildings, businesses, and many commercial properties. We service and install all major brands, including:

  • Rheem®
  • Maytag®
  • Trane®
  • American Standard®
  • Mitsubishi Electric®
  • Carrier®
  • Lennox®
  • Goodman®

Call Sky HVAC at 704-960-1775 in Charlotte, NC to learn more about our commercial HVAC services today. Get service you can trust from our expert HVAC installers today.

Commercial HVAC Repair

Making sure you have a working HVAC system is essential for keeping your employees and customers comfortable. When employees are comfortable, productivity improves. Maintaining your HVAC system can help guard against breakdowns and inefficiencies. At some point though, all systems need repairs. Don’t delay when you notice symptoms of system distress such as:

  • Abnormal noise: Damaged systems make unnatural noises like clicking, buzzing, humming, or clanking.
  • Spikes in energy bills: A distressed system must work harder and that will often show in your energy bill.
  • Unequal heating and cooling: Compromised airflow can disrupt your system’s ability to heat and cool properly.
  • Increased moisture: Some moisture can be common during normal operation, but if you notice an increase this can be a sign of system trouble.
  • Abnormal odors: Refrigerant leaks, mold, and mildew can all cause unpleasant smells in your HVAC system.

At the first sign of HVAC trouble, contact Sky HVAC for an inspection at 704-960-1775. Getting ahead of issues can help prevent more complicated problems. Schedule a commercial HVAC repair in Charlotte today.

Commercial HVAC Installation

When it comes to commercial HVAC installation providers it’s okay to be choosy. The quality of your installation will determine how your HVAC system performs from day one. Select a qualified, professional company, skilled in what you need.

Sky HVAC has been serving the Charlotte, NC area with expert commercial HVAC services for years. When you need commercial HVAC installation services in Charlotte, call on the experience of Sky HVAC to get you what you need.

At Sky HVAC we offer the following commercial HVAC installation services to safeguard your commercial property:

Partner with experts in commercial HVAC services to eliminate the risks of poor installations or products. Our Sky HVAC team is committed to professional, preventive maintenance to optimize your HVAC performance. Contact us today at 704-960-1775 for a free estimate.

Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Like any mechanical product, HVAC systems require regular maintenance to work at their best. HVAC systems require cleaning, inspection, part replacement, lubrication, and more. HVAC tune-ups protect your system’s efficiency, overall performance, and service life.

Call Sky HVAC at 704-960-1775 to speak with a member of our team about our commercial HVAC maintenance programs in Charlotte, NC.

Commercial Air Quality Services in Charlotte

Indoor air quality solutions support your goals to provide a healthy, safe environment for your employees and customers. Poor air quality has been shown to lead to fatigue, headaches, concentration issues, and irritation of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. In fact, EPA research has determined that  indoor levels of pollutants can be two to five times (and in some cases more than 100 times) higher than outdoor levels. Since most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, air quality solutions are essential. Installing air quality solutions can reduce employee absences and reduce your insurance costs.

When your business needs commercial HVAC services in Charlotte, call the experts at Sky HVAC. Our Charlotte, NC, licensed and insured HVAC technicians are prepared to help with any service you need. Contact us today at 704-960-1775.