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Professional furnace tune-ups and replacement in the Cornelius area.

Hopefully, you’ve never woken up in the middle of a winter night freezing cold. If you have, chances are you grabbed a blanket and went back to sleep. However, if the temperatures were far below what you’re used to, it was probably due to a heating problem. Who did you call?

If you didn’t call Sky HVAC, you may not have gotten the best service or the most honest price. Yes, our phones are answered 24 hours a day, but we also send out best-in-class technicians that will give you an honest, flat-rate price for the service needed. When you need emergency heating repair, make the right choice–call your neighborhood Sky guy!

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Have Your Chimney Inspected Before Use

Did you know that most homeowner insurance plans require a chimney inspection each year? Failing to do so could result in the insurance company denying any claims of damage as the result of a chimney fire. A fireplace is a great way to efficiently generate heat for your home but left uninspected and in a state of disrepair can cost thousands of dollars or even cause injury or death. It’s not uncommon for people to have a chimney fire an not even know it. We have a few signs that there has been, is, or could be a problem:

  • Creosote buildup- creosote is a chemical compound that forms by burning unseasoned wood. This chemical compound is extremely flammable and can burn at temperatures of 3000 degrees or more
  • Honeycomb creosote- if there is a creosote buildup that looks like honeycombs, there has been a fire previously. This is an issue that should be addressed by having a certified chimney sweep performed
  • Discolored or distorted rain cap
  • Damaged roof materials from burning creosote
  • Smoke escaping from mortar joints and obvious cracks in exterior masonry

Unfortunately, not all chimney fires are obvious. Some of them occur without the homeowner even knowing. This is because the audible signs often ignored. Some of these clues can be loud popping or cracking, or even a low, rumbling sound like a helicopter or plane flying too low.

Furnace Replacement

If your furnace is an older unit and you are calling often for repairs, it may be time to replace it. The Sky guys can help walk you through which units are best for your home and then professionally install it. The biggest two benefits to this are the fact that the furnace will be installed correctly and it will remain in warranty. Oftentimes, a DIY install can void a warranty due to simple mistakes.

Call Sky HVAC for Reliable Service

Winter is the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a comfy blanket and the company of your loved ones. Sky HVAC wants to help prevent any issues that might prevent this from happening. Let us inspect your chimney and the heating components of your home to ensure your nights are warm and worry-free!

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