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When thinking about fall, you might think of going back to school, colorful leaves, Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes and other fun ideas associated with it. However, you could be doing your family a disservice if you also don’t think about a heating tune-up. Sky HVAC recommends having your home’s heating system be inspected in the fall before it is put through another harsh winter. Our technicians are ready and able to minimize heating problems and keep your heating system running through the harshest of winters. If you happened to forget about a tune-up this year and are facing problems, don’t worry too much! We are a 24-hour heating repair service that is proud to offer flat-rate pricing and 48 months interest-free financing.

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Prepare for Winter With a Heater Tune-Up

Being prepared applies to everyone, and especially to those that live in areas that are known to have very cold winters. Preparing for winter can include buying needed supplies, checking for cracks in windows and doors, and insulating your pipes. Being prepared also means having a chimney inspection and a heater tune-up. In the event that your heating system goes out in the middle of a cold night, call us. We answer all calls and will send a technician immediately. In the meantime be sure that everyone is kept warm–especially young children and the elderly.

When to Replace a Furnace

Choosing to replace a furnace can be a hard decision if it is still technically working. However, there are numerous things to consider, including if it could quit in the middle of a cold snap. Here are a few other considerations to make:

  • Age – most furnaces aren’t designed to last more than 15 years. If your unit is teetering on that number, replacing it may be a good idea
  • Bills – the older a furnace gets, the less efficient it becomes. The less efficient it becomes, the more you pay in electric bills. Slight bumps in energy bills are common, but if you are paying significantly more, your furnace could be to blame
  • Varied temperatures – when you walk from room to room, the temperatures should be close to the same. If you’re feeling a big difference between each room, it might not just be the house, the sun, or whatever other reason. It could, in fact, be your furnace
  • Soot around the vents – your vents or registers should not have soot around them, and if they do, it’s not for lack of cleaning. This issue can be caused by your old furnace spewing dust and debris. If you are noticing dead plants or that you and your family have incessant headaches or dizziness, this could be a sign of carbon monoxide.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Being prepared for winter is the key to making it a comfortable one. Sky HVAC can help ensure that you are not faced with a heatless night or expensive repair bills. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you, 24 hours a day. We take pride in being the best HVAC company in the Davidson area and providing honest service.

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