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One of the best things about modern-day living is the fact that we can stay nice and cool just by walking inside. Unfortunately, machines and appliances fail from time to time. When these things happen, it is important to know who exactly to call. For 24-hour air conditioning repair, the right call to make is to Sky HVAC. We are a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in hiring the best technicians and customer care representatives. Our pricing structure is done by flat-rates, meaning before the job starts, we’ll tell you exactly how much it’ll be. There won’t be any surprises, nor will you pay an hourly rate for a technician that takes a bit longer.

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Why You Need an Annual Inspection

An annual inspection that is performed by our professional team will give you the peace of mind that your HVAC unit will carry you through the summer. We offer a 21 point inspection that covers every aspect of your air conditioner. This inspection includes:

  • Amp draws and refrigerant levels
  • All motors and capacitors
  • Condenser coils and the compressor
  • Checking for any leaks that could cause future problems

Ensuring that every part of your air conditioner is functioning properly is critical to maintaining a cool home throughout the summer as well as keeping energy bills affordable. The harder an air conditioner works, the higher your energy bill will climb.

Clean Air Ducts Make for Easier Breathing

While you’re thinking about energy efficient air conditioning, think for a moment when you last had your ductwork cleaned. If it was longer than 3 years ago, you’re probably due for a refresher. The ducts in your home are responsible for allowing air to be carried from the air handler to each and every room. If they’re overly dirty or full of debris, more air pressure is required which, you guessed it, forces the AC to work harder. Here are a few signs that your ductwork needs good cleaning:

  • Matted dust and debris when vent covers are removed
  • Previous pest infestation- this can be gross, but pests can die in ductwork. If they don’t die in it, they leave remnants like dander and feces that you’re breathing in
  • Your home stays dusty or dirty- this isn’t a jab at your house cleaning abilities, but instead pointing out the fact you shouldn’t have to clean as much or as often. Dirty ducts can contribute more than you realize to the amount of cleaning your home needs
  • Inconsistent airflow- this means that there is a blockage stopping air from flowing into particular rooms
  • Musty smells- when dust and debris accumulate in your ductwork, it tends to soak up all smells like a sponge. This can include smells of mold, mildew, cooking, and tobacco use

Sky Guys Keep Your AC Running and Home Comfortable

No matter what your HVAC need is–from dehumidifiers, air duct cleaning, tune-ups, to chimney inspections, and furnace work–Sky HVAC can come through, every time! We are proud of what we do and want you to see it too! Call us for an estimate or for help with any aspect of your home’s cooling system! Remember, we’re locally owned and operate around the clock for your convenience!

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