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Keep Your System Running Efficiently With Regular Filter Changes

When dealing with an appliance as complex as an HVAC unit, proper maintenance is a must. However, because these units can be difficult to deal with, it is recommended that the help of a professional is enlisted. Sky HVAC is the professional that you need! We’re locally owned and operated, offer 24-hour emergency service, and use flat-rate pricing. Flat-rate pricing will allow us to give you the total cost of the job before it is ever started so you’re not stuck paying for a technician that might move a bit slower for various reasons

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The Basics:  Filter Replacement

The most basic type of maintenance that can be performed on your unit is a filter replacement. Opting to have a professional replace your filter means that the new filter will be the best one for your AC or furnace unit and your home, the filter will be installed correctly, and we can recommend if adjustments should be made. Some adjustments might include changing the filter more often or having your ducts cleaned. Any suggestion made will take into account the people and pets in your home and how much the AC or furnace is used.

Getting The Most Out Of Your AC Or Furnace

There is no doubt that the Charlotte area experiences hot summers. With this said, no one wants to be without the relief of cold air in their home. Having your HVAC filter changed regularly has several benefits, including:

LOWERING ELECTRIC BILLS – your air conditioner or furnace won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool by running constantly. You can also turn the temperature up a bit and still feel comfortable

REDUCING WEAR AND TEAR – the harder your air conditioning or furnace unit works, the more wear and tear it faces. This means more repair work is needed in the future

PREVENTING STAGNANT AIR – HVAC units are responsible for moving air. When air doesn’t move, it gets stagnant, musty, and possibly moldy. Changing dirty filters allows air to move freely

AIR QUALITY WILL IMPROVE – when a filter is dirty, it has less of an ability to catch dander, dust, hair, pollen, mold, or anything else found in the outside air. A clean filter ensures easy breathing, fewer allergens, and fewer trips to the doctor for respiratory issues

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Your Best Bet

Keeping your HVAC unit running throughout the year is important, but in the summer it is critical to both your family’s comfort and health. Allowing us to stay on top of changing your HVAC filters may not prevent every problem, but it will go great lengths in assuring your comfort. If you’re ready to stop worrying about when to change the filter, if it’s the right kind for your unit, and if the filter is doing the best job possible, call Sky HVAC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change my air filter?

Filters should typically be replaced at least every 60 days. Replacing your air filter should occur monthly if you have pets or allergies.

What happens if I don’t change my air filter?

Failing to change your filter regularly wears down your system and can lead to costly repairs. It also effects the efficiency of your system leading to high energy bills. Air quality also suffers with dirty filters.

Can I run my AC without an air filter for a short while?

If you must, you can run an AC unit for 6-8 hours without causing system damage. Longer than that will damage your AC system and greatly lower the quality of the air in your home.

When you need HVAC services you can trust, call the experts at Sky HVAC. Our certified technicians are ready to help.

The Sky Maintenance Agreement

Our Sky HVAC air conditioner tune-up and maintenance services includes a 21-point inspection. We make sure your system is running at peak performance by checking amp draws, refrigerant levels, etc., which will save you on energy cost. We inspect critical components (motors, capacitors, condenser coils, compressor, etc.) thus ensuring system reliability.

We will also conduct a full inspection of your AC duct system to make sure there are no air leaks that can be responsible for reduced airflow. An AC tune-up will ensure that your air conditioning system will be running as efficiently as possible and give your peace of mind knowing that your system won’t break down when you need it most!

Sky HVAC is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is both a Duke Energy Trade Partner and

 a Gas Advantage Partner of Piedmont Natural Gas.

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As the summer heats up, you’ll naturally be using your air conditioner more and more. This is an effective way to beat the heat, but extensive use of your AC unit can cause wear and tear, or reveal existing problems. We at Sky HVAC want to help you and your family stay comfortable this summer, and to help you do that, our team has put together a list of signs to watch for in order to tell if you need air conditioner repair. Blows Warm Air - One clear sign that something is up with your air conditioner is warm air coming from your vents. If you put your hand by a vent and feel warm air, you probably need air conditioner repair. Makes Loud Noises - Another sign you should be wary of is loud or unusual noises coming from your AC unit. All air conditioners will make some noise as they run, but if you hear grinding, screeching, or scraping sounds from your unit, you should call our team at Sky HVAC to find out if you need air conditioner repair. Smells Bad - Your air conditioner is not supposed to stink. If you notice a bad smell coming from your unit when you turn it on, it’s likely that you need air conditioner repair. A musty smell usually indicates mold somewhere in your system, while a burned smell is likely the result of wire insulation burning out. If you notice any of these signs in your home or find something else unusual happening in your air conditioner, call our team at Sky HVAC. We’ll identify the problem and get your AC running smoothly as soon as possible.
By Logan Eppley 03 Jun, 2022
Here at Sky HVAC, we specialize in all things air conditioning, and we want to help you stay cool this summer. Our team believes that the best way to help you take care of your air conditioning unit is to help you understand how it works. Knowing the principles behind your air conditioning unit will help you spot potential problems early and take care of them before they can become serious—or expensive. From our experts at Sky HVAC, here is a brief overview of how air conditioning works. Despite its association with cooling, the principle behind air conditioning is the transfer of heat. The typical air conditioning unit consists of an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser coil, and a fan. The evaporator is located inside the home, and contains a refrigerant that absorbs the heat energy from your home; as this happens, the refrigerant evaporates, hence the name. From there, the heat absorbed in the evaporator is transferred to the condenser coil, located in the exterior half of your air conditioning system. Also located outside with the condenser are the compressor and the fan. The compressor keeps refrigerant circulating throughout your system so that heat can be continually absorbed. Similarly, the fan keeps hot air moving out of your home. We hope that this article has been helpful to you. If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning, or have further questions on how your unit operates, feel free to call our team at Sky HVAC.
By Logan Eppley 27 May, 2022
Should you repair your HVAC or replace it?
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