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Our Heating Services and Products

When your heating system goes out, give Sky HVAC a call. We offer the following heating services and products. We can repair and replace any brand of heating equipment.

24/7 Heating Service

Sky HVAC is available 24/7/365 to provide heating service and repairs.

Heating Maintenance

Sky HVAC has won multiple awards for quality and service.

Have your heater serviced before cold weather comes

Friendly Customer Service

Sky's support team is here to ensure that things runs smoothly. You’ll always find the help you need. 


Sky has an A+ rating from the BBB and is both a Duke Energy Trade Ally and a PNG Gas Advantage Partner.

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Our Heating Services

Sky HVAC provides exceptional heating services at affordable, flat-rate prices. From repairs and maintenance to installations and replacements, we’ve got a highly trained heating technician for the job!

24/7 Heating Service

  • Emergency Heating Repairs

    When you’re facing a cold night with no hopes of warm air, don’t hesitate to call Sky HVAC for emergency repairs.

  • Heating Maintenance

    Enhance your comfort with heater maintenance from the experts at Sky HVAC.

  • Heater Installation & Replacement

    In need of a new heating system for your home? Trust Sky HVAC for expert installation and replacement services.

  • Air Handler Service

    For fast, reliable, air handler installation and repair, trust the Sky HVAC specialists.

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Sky HVAC has a variety of systems to make your indoor air healthier.

  • Heater Filter Replacement

    Sky HVAC has quality heater filter replacement services.

What Are Signs That You Need Heating Repair?

There are some more obvious ways that you can tell your heating unit is in need of repairs, like if your air is not warm That’s a good indication that you should call one of our “Sky guys” to take a look at it. Here are some more things to look out for, that may also indicate a need for a heating repair in your home:

  • Constanly adjusting the thermostat
  • Short cycling issues
  • Abnorally high electric or gas bills
  • Dryness and dustiness in your home
  • There’s a discrepancy between your thermostat reading and the actual temperature of your home
  • Members of your family not feeling well or having headaches (from carbon monoxide in a cracked heat exchanger)

When your heating goes out, give Sky HVAC a call!

Regular Heating Check-Ups

It is important to keep your heater well maintained to be energy efficient and keep your heating bills minimized.

Contact Sky to get a 21 point maintenance service provided twice a year on your heating system.

If your heating system needs to be replaced, call Sky HVAC.

Sky will come to your home and make measurements to recommend the size system you need.  

Sky HVAC carries all major manufacturers that provide the highest quality and energy efficiency.

Sky HVAC is a licensed HVAC contractor, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, a Duke Energy Trade Partner, a Gas Advantage Partner of Piedmont Natural Gas and has been accredited as a Great Place To Work.

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