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When a Furnace Should be Replaced

Sometimes furnace maintenance may slip your mind–it happens to everyone. Unfortunately if your furnace is left in disrepair for years on end and is never serviced, it can take a toll on the unit. Skipping the yearly inspection and maintenance on a furnace not only diminishes the life of the unit, it minimizes the efficiency and could put your family at risk of numerous problems. Sometimes a furnace just gets old–but either way–you should know the signs that your unit needs to be replaced:

  • Age – generally speaking, furnaces last 16-20 years. This doesn’t mean that the unit will only last 20 years, and it doesn’t mean it will absolutely last a minimum of 16. This age is an average. If your furnace is around this many years old, be ready for the possibility of needed repair work or replacement
  • Dust – large amounts of dust may be indicating that your furnace cannot clean the air anymore. If your air filters have been changed as needed, this is definitely a red flag
  • Strange noises – strange noises coming from an older unit could mean that a component or two has shaken loose over time and needs to be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, it is common that the cost of repair or replacement of the part is high and cannot be justified on an older unit
  • Yellow pilot light – a furnace pilot light should be blue. If it is not blue, but instead yellow, this could indicate that there is too much carbon monoxide from the heat exchangers. Carbon monoxide can be deadly if inhaled consistently, even over a short period of time
  • Cold air – the whole point of a furnace is to warm your home. If you find that your unit is blowing cold air it could be a number of issues. The one commonality of all the possible issues is that they are signs that your furnace should be replaced

Why Should You Install a New Furnace?

The obvious reason for needing a furnace installed is that you’re cold. With that said, there are a few more reasons why you may want to install a new furnace in your home.

To begin with, having an HVAC system you can run through the winter can improve your indoor air quality. The air filter in your furnace can help keep things like dirt, mold, and dust out of your air! Furnace Installation can also ensure that your whole house gets heated evenly this winter. Not to mention that new furnaces are more energy efficient, and break down less often than older ones do.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Installing a furnace is serious work. It requires a combination of wiring and connection skills and knowledge of safety procedures. Aside from these issues, installing a furnace typically requires certain tools that are unlikely to be sitting in your toolbox. This means that you’ll have to purchase them and hopefully not void any warranties that came with the furnace.

Trust a Sky Guy

If you’re unsure of whether or not your furnace just needs a good servicing or needs to be completely replaced, call Sky HVAC. We can inspect your furnace and inform you of the needed repairs or if it is better to replace the unit. Once that decision has been made, we can either maintain it or help you choose the best unit for the needs of your home. Finally, we will gladly install your new furnace, being sure to keep the manufacturer’s warranty intact and informing you of the best way to reach optimal temperatures.

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Whether you’re in the market for a new furnace or you’re wondering if yours need to be replaced, call Sky HVAC today at (704) 960-1775! We’ll help you will the decision making, buying, and installation process!