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When finding an air conditioning company, what standards do you look for? Technicians that are available around the clock, locally owned and operated, flat-rate pricing, or quality work done correctly the first time? Sky HVAC can check each of those boxes, and probably any others that may have slipped your mind! We pride ourselves in hiring best-in-class air conditioning technicians and ensuring our services are affordable through 48 month interest-free financing!

If your situation is dire and you need emergency AC repair services, you’re in luck! We’re available 24/7 to fix any AC issue you have!

What Exactly is an Air Handler?

An air conditioning unit consists of two parts: one located outside, and one located inside–the component located inside–is the air handler. If you’re wondering why it doesn’t come directly to mind, you probably haven’t seen it much, if at all. The air handler is typically located in the attic or in a small closet. This part of your air conditioner typically contains the blower, heating and cooling elements, and a few other parts. Its main function is to circulate warmed or cooled air through your home via the ductwork.

What is a Solid Maintenance Plan for an Air Handler?

Because your air handler contains the blower and is responsible for circulating air, it is a vital part of your home’s HVAC unit. When you call Sky HVAC to inspect your air conditioner annually, we will ensure everything is functioning efficiently. It is also imperative to keep your air filters clean and have us replace them when needed. A few things among many that we will check for include:

  • Checking for noise and vibrations that could indicate electrical or mechanical problems
  • Lubricate the motor and blower bearing
  • Ensure that the motor belt and pulley are working correctly
  • Look for damaged wiring or loose connections
  • Inspect the unit’s bypass valve

Unfortunately, annual inspections and maintenance will not 100% guarantee that your blower stays functioning. We can see many potential problems, but just as a well-maintained car can break down, so can a well-maintained HVAC unit. There are a few signs that the problem is likely associated with your air handler:

  • No air from vents – as stated earlier, your air handler circulates the air through your home. If you are hearing the AC unit kick on but not feeling a change in temperature nor any airflow from the vents, the blower could be to blame
  • Dirty filters – A dirty air filter will cause significant problems by overworking your HVAC unit causing components to break
  • Frozen lines or coils – if your air handler is easily accessible and you can see ice, it is probable that there is a malfunction with the blower. The unit is being kept cold, which oddly enough translates to no cold air! The first thing you’ll need to do is turn the air conditioner off and then call us

Don’t Get Beat by the Heat!

It’s okay if you’re unsure of the problem with your air conditioner. You’re not the AC professional–we are! Call Sky HVAC when you can’t seem to figure out what the problem is, or even if you know for a fact it is the air handler. We know what to do and you’ll be enjoying the cool conditioned air in no time!

Ditch the standard way to keep your home cool. Our ductless mini split system services are available to give you advanced temperature control, and energy savings!

For fast, reliable, and honest air handler repair, call your neighborhood Sky guy at 828-358-1538 828-358-1538! We offer expert air handler services quickly – to get your home comfortable in no time.