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Electrical Problems

Electrical Problems? We Can Help!

Electrical problems can be incredibly frustrating! We are so accustomed to using electricity in our everyday lives that it is inconvenient for us to be without the luxury of working electricity. Whether you have outlets that don’t work, breakers that keep popping, lights that won’t turn on, or a more serious problem, a licensed electrician can


Don’t Sweat it with Our Air Conditioner Repair

When the weather starts warming up and winter changes into spring, it’s a good idea to start running your air conditioner. Why? Because while it’s nice to have a comfortable temperature inside of your home, it’s important to test your current air conditioner unit to make sure that it’s running like it should. It’s better


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Come to Us for Your Furnace Repair

If you find that your furnace needs repair, our team at Climate Control Systems in Hickory, North Carolina is happy to help! Call us for help during our regular business hours of 8 am to 5 pm. You can still call us after hours because we also offer emergency service outside of regular business hours.