Re-Wiring Services, Hickory, NC

We have been providing re-wiring services in the Hickory area for more than five decades.

Re-Wiring Services in Hickory, North Carolina
If you flip a switch to turn on a light fixture or lamp at your home, it’s frustrating when nothing happens and the room stays dark. The first thing to do is check the bulb, since replacing a burned-out light bulb is a quick and easy fix. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the fixture could have a problem. Some fixtures are repairable, but you may need to replace it with a newer model. Another common cause of lighting and electrical problems is a problem with the wiring that runs behind the walls of the structure.

Older homes and buildings often have outdated wiring that can’t keep up with today’s electrical needs. We use more electronic devices now than ever before, and many people have multiple electronics or fixtures plugged in the same outlet, putting pressure on the wires and other components that provide power. If this is causing problems in your home in Hickory, North Carolina, give us a call at Sky HVAC to find out how re-wiring services can fix the issue.

We have been providing re-wiring services and a variety of other electrical services in the Hickory area for more than five decades. We have extensive experience and can handle jobs of all sizes. All of our technicians are licensed to perform electrical work, including re-wiring services, and we understand the unique needs of each of our customers. We also place a high value on continuous training for updates in the industry, ensuring safe and proper installation and repair for all of your electrical needs.


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