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Air ConditioningAir Conditioners – With the hot and muggy summers we have here in North Carolina, it is important to have an effective method of keeping your house comfortably cool. There are two main options for ways to keep your house cool: air conditioners and swamp coolers. Here are the reasons why air conditioners are the better option of the two.

  • Air conditioners are able to keep your house cool at the exact temperature that you like, while the temperature fluctuates with a swamp cooler.
  • In climates with high humidity, air conditioners actually cool your home and remove humidity, which a swamp cooler cannot do.
  • Maintenance costs on air conditioners are much lower than that of swamp coolers. Air conditioners will actually last longer than swamp coolers with regular maintenance checks and air filter changes.
  • The air filter on air conditioners keeps allergens, dust, and other small particles from entering your home. Swamp coolers do not have air filters, so they cannot do this.
  • Air conditioners do not need to be winterized, but if a swamp cooler is not winterized, it ends up needing costly repairs.
  • Air conditioners do not need to have any parts regularly replaced, other than the air filter, while swamp coolers need to have the pads and other parts regularly replaced.

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