Gas, Hickory, NC

We often recommend gas-powered appliances because they are cost-effective, efficient, and reliable.

Gas in Hickory, North Carolina
Today, natural gas is one of the best options for cost savings, reliability, and comfort when it comes to heating your home. At Sky HVAC, we often recommend gas appliances to our valued clients because this source of power is:

  • Cost-effective—Generally speaking, natural gas appliances cost much less to operate than electric ones. For this reason, heating your home will cost much less if you switch to gas.
  • Efficient—Natural gas appliances work much faster and use less energy than electric ones. Plus, natural gas furnaces boast impressive longevity.
  • Reliable—By using gas, your furnace will work even when the electricity goes out. Additionally, since natural gas lines run underground, outages are rare.

While natural gas systems are beneficial for a number of reasons, there are many considerations you need to take into account before installing a gas appliance in your home. For instance, since natural gas is transported through a series of underground pipes, it doesn’t reach all rural and urban homes.

Our goal, if you are interested in switching to a gas appliance, is to help you figure out whether making this transition is the best thing for your home. We always have your best interests in mind since customer service is our highest priority, and you can rely on us to provide helpful recommendations.

Give us a call at Sky HVAC today if you want to know more about gas appliances, their many benefits, and why you should consider going with gas heat.