Air Conditioners, Newton, NC

Beat the heat with our high-quality air conditioners.

If you’ve spent any summers in North Carolina before, you know that the heat and humidity can be intense and uncomfortable. Walking into a well-cooled home is a huge relief on summer’s hottest days. Here at Sky HVAC, we offer high quality air conditioners that can provide your home with the comfortable temperature you need.

Air Conditioners in Newton, North Carolina

Air conditioners offer several benefits over other cooling units:

  • Greater control – An easy control panel allows you to set and adjust the temperature of your home to your exact liking.
  • Filtration – The filtration system built into air conditioners blocks allergens, dust, and other small particles from coming into your home.
  • Remove humidity – Unlike swamp coolers, air conditioners can cool your home and remove the moisture that makes it feel muggy.
  • Better maintenance – Air conditioners last longer and are more affordable to fix than swamp coolers. With regular servicing and changing of filters, your air conditioner can be depended on for many years.

If you currently have an air conditioner that is not operating as it should, our technicians at Sky HVAC are available to help seven days a week. We will come to you and tackle any issue head on until we have reached a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations. We realize problems often happen at inconvenient times, which is why we also offer after-hours emergency service.

Whether you are interested in investing in an air conditioner for you Newton, North Carolina home or if you need repairs for an existing unit, we are here to offer you solutions. Our technicians can provide high-quality work and an excellent customer service experience on all installations and repairs. For any of your HVAC needs, including air conditioners, come to us at Sky HVAC.

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