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No matter how you choose to heat and cool your home, those units will eventually need maintenance and repair. HVAC units should be seen as an investment, much like a vehicle. For a vehicle, you probably have a reliable mechanic that you use and recommend to all your friends. Finding a reputable AC and heating company can present many of the same issues, but at Sky HVAC, we do everything we can to put your mind at ease. We are a locally owned and operated company, use flat-rate pricing, hire best-in-class technicians, and always have a friendly representative to answer the phone. We strive for honesty and actually honor our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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When to Replace an Air Conditioner

As mentioned, an air conditioner can be seen as an investment. They are expensive units and will last for a long period of time if well-maintained. Regardless of how well cared for your unit is, it will eventually need to be replaced. With that said, special consideration should be taken before doing so, quite often your AC can be repaired–it just depends on how much money you’re wanting to sink into it. Here are a few of those considerations:

  • Age – air conditioners have a lifespan of up to 15 years. If your unit is much older than this, repairing the system may be futile
  • Costly repairs – when the price of the repair multiplied by the age of the air conditioner is more than a new unit, replace it. This can sound confusing, but our technicians can explain the equation in simpler terms if needed
  • The type of Freon used – the US government is phasing out the use of R-22 refrigerant. Because of this, if your system still uses it, it can cost 10 times what the cost used to be to top your unit off
  • Rising energy bills – if your energy consumption has not changed yet your electric bill is constantly on the rise, it is likely due to the efficiency of your HVAC unit

Choosing to Repair Your HVAC unit

Now that you know what to look for if you are considering replacing your AC system, keep a few other tips in mind for repairs:

  • If the unit is less than 10 years old, it is almost always financially better to repair it
  • The equation mentioned earlier works in reverse for repairs as well–if you multiply the cost of repairs by the age of the air conditioner and find that number to be less than the cost of a new unit, repair your existing one

All in all, your best bet is to go with your gut after consulting with one of our technicians.

Good Advice From Good Guys

Our technicians are not out to scam or swindle you out of money–we want you to be satisfied with our services and trust that we are recommending the best options for your home. Only you can make that decision, but we hope that you will consider our expertise when doing so. If you do choose to replace your heating or air conditioning unit, Sky HVAC offers 48 months of interest-free financing to ease the burden of the cost.

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