Heating & Air Conditioning Services, Lenoir, NC

From maintenance to repairs, our heating & air conditioning services are the best in Lenoir!

\A quality HVAC system will provide you with problem-free service for many years, provided that you have taken good care of it with regular heating & air conditioning services. There is more involved with keeping it running efficiently than just changing out the filter regularly, although that is a vital part. At Sky HVAC, we find that most of our repair calls involve systems that are older or that have been neglected.

You can protect your system by setting up a set schedule to service it. We recommend twice annual heating & air conditioning services, primarily in the spring and fall, so your system is checked out before the periods of heaviest usage. This will avoid many of the problems and also that nervous feeling when you turn on the air conditioner on the first hot day of the year or the furnace when the air turns cool.

We have over 50 years of experience providing heating & air conditioning services in the Lenoir, North Carolina area. We’ve lasted that long while many others have not because we take your satisfaction very seriously. We hire only those technicians who can pass a background check and drug test, and many of them are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified. They are highly qualified to service and repair all brands.

Give us a call to schedule heating & air conditioning services, whether you need to schedule routine maintenance or you need emergency repairs. Either way, you’ll get excellence in service and every detail taken care of.

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