Lennox® AC Systems

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Every once and a while, a new product comes out on the market that makes an entire industry to change its thinking. In the market of air conditioners, Lennox® has done just that. Thanks to revolutionary Precise Comfort™ technology, the Lennox® Air Conditioning system can maintain a very consistent temperature by incorporating tiny, continuing adjustments to its output throughout the entire day.

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Precise Comfort™ is what makes Lennox® air conditioning units some of the most efficient air conditioners on the market today, along with a high industry SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of 26.00. For additional savings year-round, Lennox® models can be combined with solar modules allowing you to use the sun’s energy to reduce your cooling costs by more than half. It’s simply the most capable, most advanced air conditioner ever created. Keep your Lennox® running at peak performance with a Lennox® Heating tune up and avoid expensive repairs with our Lennox® Maintenance plans.

Variable Capacity A/C Heating & Cooling

The key to Lennox®’s air conditioner precision is the variable capacity provided by the inverter-driven compressor technology. Because the Lennox® system is installed with a Wi-Fi thermostat, the compressor has the unique ability to adjust output levels between 35% and 100% within increments of 1%. Thus allowing these air conditioners to use the exact amount of energy needed by you to stay comfortable, while at the same time maintaining the desired temperature you want using exact precision. If you are in need of Lennox® heating repair services, call us today.

Even More Features

Lennox® HVAC systems also feature:

  • Silent Fan Grille: Uses vortex suppression for sound reduction of airflow coming from the unit, providing you with a quieter environment outside your home.
  • Silent Outdoor Fan Motor: Provides extremely reliable startup and overall running performance, even under some of the harshest weather conditions.
  • iComfort Cooling Technology: This allows the Lennox® system to exchange information with other in home system components allowing adjustments to be made as needed to optimize efficiency and performance.
  • High Efficiency Outdoor Coil: Providing low air resistance and exceptional heat transfer for efficient operation to help you save on cooling costs.
  • Steel A/C Cabinet: Galvanized steel construction, heavy gauge, louver coil guard, durable zinc steel base and baked on powder finish provides long lasting protection against corrosion and rust.

We proudly service all models, including:
XC25, XC21, SL18XC1, XC20, XC16, XC14, XC13, 14ACX, 13ACX.

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