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Reliable furnace tune-ups and replacement in the Matthews area.

Sky HVAC may not be the only heating repair service in the Matthews area, but we can guarantee that we are the best. We are the best both in what we do and how we treat our customers. Our goal is to treat each person like family and to help them make educated decisions about their heating systems. Sky HVAC offers 24-hour emergency services to make sure your loved ones are always warm, comfortable, and safe.

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When You Need Emergency Services

When you’re heater stops working in the middle of an extremely cold night, you may feel as though you can tough it out by bundling up in blankets. This may be true, however, it is very possible that as you sleep, you may begin to sweat and toss away the covers. At this point, you will be damp and in a cold home with no heat. That combination can be deadly and result in hypothermia. Aside from your health, if there are young children or elderly residents in the home, they can succumb to these ailments much faster.

It is important to call a 24-hour heating service immediately if your furnace stops working. Other issues that warrant an emergency service call can include the smell of smoke or chemicals, screeching or banging noises, and if your carbon monoxide alarm is sounding. Making the decision to call can be the difference between life and death; and even if it isn’t between those, it will definitely be the difference between misery and comfort.

Heating Tune-Ups

Opting for a heating tune-up can help prevent your system from breaking when you need it most. Ideally, your system will be inspected and cleaned every year before winter takes its toll. When your system is clean it will run more efficiently, save money on energy bills, and keep your home far more comfortable. A typical inspection may include several of these elements:

  • Adjusting the burners and testing efficiency – we will set up a combustion analyzer to see how much gas is escaping in the exhaust flue. This allows us to see where adjustments should be made
  • Checking burner flames – burner flames should always be blue in color. If they are yellow, that is typically a sign that there is too much carbon monoxide or too little oxygen surrounding it
  • Oil filter replacement – this part keeps the oil burner nozzle free of debris. It needs to be replaced when it is dirty because a dirty filter won’t do its job
  • Inspection of the flue pipe – damages to the flue pipe mean that carbon monoxide will leak into your home. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless and sometimes isn’t detected until it is too late

No Interest for 48 Months*

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Whether you’re in need of emergency repairs or want to prevent the need for them, Sky HVAC is the company to call! Our locally owned and operated company’s goal is to meet your satisfaction no matter the time of day or the emergency you call about.

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