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When you’re in need of fast AC maintenance and installation, you need to know who to call. If you don’t, Sky HVAC is the company for the job–any job–that involves your air conditioner! We are a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in our customers’ level of satisfaction. Our phones are answered around the clock and technicians will be dispatched no matter the hour of day or night to ensure your comfort and safety.

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Better Air Quality for Easier Breathing

A common concern among parents is the air quality within their home. Poor air quality can be responsible for asthma symptoms and other respiratory illnesses. As with many other health concerns, the most susceptible people are young children and the elderly. There are numerous devices on the market that claim to better the quality of air in your home, however, we have found there are three considerations:

  • Air filters – dirty air filters will not stop debris from being distributed throughout your home. If allergy sufferers live in your home, you may need to have your filters changed monthly and consider purchasing high-quality HEPA filters for your home
  • Ductwork – opting for regular ductwork inspections will ensure you are not wasting money on heating and cooling your home, with air leaking through improperly sealed air ducts.
  • Whole home air purifiers – there are a few types of these systems, with each having pros and cons. Our technicians can make the best recommendations based on the needs of your home, family, and budget

Chimney Cleaning is Necessary

Before winter rolls around, you should consider having your chimney inspected. This inspection is required by most homeowner insurance policies because of the fact that a chimney can pose such a significant fire risk. This is because when wood is burned, a chemical compound called creosote is released. This compound will build up in the flue of the chimney and is extremely flammable. Not only is creosote flammable, but it can also burn at temperatures of 3000 degrees for extended periods of time. Other items on the inspection list can include cracks in the flue, damages from previous chimney fires, and blockages from leaves or pests.

Call Your Neighborhood Sky Guy

Sky HVAC strives to make our business transactions feel like those done between old friends. We hire best-in-class yet honest technicians who will present all solutions to a problem–not just the most expensive ones. Our company is locally owned and operated, so it was our choice to use a flat-rate pricing system. This system enables us to tell you the price of the job before any work is completed which leaves no surprises when it comes time to settle the bill. It also means that you don’t have to worry if a job is taking a bit longer than expected–the rate quoted is what you pay, regardless of the time spent on the job.

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