Lennox Germicidal UV Light Special

Although you can’t always control the kinds of germs you and your family come in contact with, you can find simple and effective ways to combat air quality contaminants in your home. At Sky HVAC, we recommend a Lennox Germicidal UV Light by Healthy Climates.

During this April & May allergy season, we’re offering Lennox Germicidal UV Lights for only $275!*

  • Prevent growth and spread of biological contaminants inside your HVAC ductwork.
  • Improve the performance of your heating and cooling systems.
  • Enjoy year-round improvements to your indoor air quality.

Protecting your family doesn’t have to be complicated, but having the best tools available can make all the difference! If you want to enjoy cleaner indoor air, a healthier living environment, and fewer allergy symptoms this year, contact us at Sky HVAC today to get your Lennox Germicidal UV Light. This $275 special is for a limited time only!*

*Discounted price through May 31, 2018. Pricing does not include installation.