Huntersville Heating Services

Professional heating repair in the Huntersville area.

Heaters can be a sort of lifeline in the cold winter months. Failing to properly maintain your furnace, boiler, heat pump or even your chimney can result in catastrophic problems. Sky HVAC is your emergency heating service company that offers best-in-class service as well as a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to keep your family safe and comfortable no matter the outside temperatures.

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Safe Use of Your Chimney

While on the subject of heating your home, when was the last time your chimney was cleaned and inspected? If it wasn’t in the past year, it has been too long. Homeowner insurance typically requires your chimney to be inspected for damage and cleaned of creosote for safe maintenance. This is due to the fact that creosote, a chemical compound, is created by burning wood, particularly unseasoned and soft wood. The compound will build up in your chimney flue, is extremely flammable, and can burn at temperatures upward of 3000 degrees. Unfortunately, because of these factors, a chimney fire can result in high repair bill or even the total loss of the home.

Proper Furnace Maintenance

A well-maintained furnace can last anywhere from 16-20 years. Proper maintenance of a furnace includes an annual inspection and professional cleaning. A full inspection will help identify any issues that may become a problem in the winter months and a professional cleaning will ensure that every component functions as it should. A few key parts of the inspection and cleaning include:

  • Inspecting the flue pipe for leaks or other damage that could result in a carbon monoxide leak
  • Inspecting the burner flame for the proper color- the right color for a burner flame is blue. If it is yellow, there could be the wrong mix of gas around the area
  • Replacing the oil filter- this component prevents impurities from clogging the oil-burner nozzle
  • Cleaning the combustion chamber is also a must because a buildup of soot on the chamber’s walls will cause corrosion
  • The evaporator coils will also be cleaned to increase the unit’s efficiency

In addition to a yearly inspection, consider having the air ducts in your home cleaned. This process also helps to keep your heating system running efficiently and improves air quality by eliminating contaminants and allergens.

Choose a Company You Trust

Although there are a number of HVAC companies that can service your unit, consider performing a bit of research before hiring any of them. With Sky HVAC, not only will you have access to 24-hour emergency service, but you will also have skilled technicians that care about their customers. Our guys aren’t going to try to pressure you into purchasing a new unit, especially if repair work will get you through the winter. In fact, our technicians are trained to diagnose the problem at hand and present all available solutions along with their recommended course of action. This allows you to make the decision that fits the needs of your family, your home, and your budget.

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If you are ready to work with a locally owned and operated company, that hires only skilled technicians and friendly customer services representatives, you need to call Sky HVAC. Dial (704) 960-1775 to schedule your annual maintenance!