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Installations, Repairs and Tune-Ups in Charlotte

Maytag® furnaces come loaded with a vast number benefits, making them the most reliable choice for heating your home. Knowing which of these benefits to check for in a new furnace can prove difficult. However, knowing what heating options will work best for the overall comfort in your home can make searching for a new furnace a lot easier. Using an efficient electric or gas Maytag® furnace paired along with a heat pump system can save you on energy costs all year long.

Sky HVAC can keep your AC unit running at peak performance with our heating tune-up and repair services.

In addition to high-efficiency levels and huge savings on your utility bills, Maytag® furnaces also use smart start technology. This allows the Maytag® furnace to learn startup times for that particular unit, thus allowing the igniter to fire only at optimal times and extending the igniter’s life in the furnace.

With a Maytag® Furnace, you will turn your home into a quiet, incredibly efficient, comfortable sanctuary. The smart drive fully modulating gas or electric Maytag® furnace is the epitome of convenience, quiet, and comfort. It constantly adjusts the heat output to match the exact heating needs of your home. This allows you to enjoy constant comfort while maximizing energy efficiency.

Maytag® Furnace Installation

Having a new furnace installed involves several steps. First, you must find the right furnace to fit your home’s demands. Second, you must have it expertly installed to ensure optimal operation. Sky HVAC can help with both. We are factory-trained professionals who offer Maytag® furnace installation services. Our technicians will provide a properly sized system and expert installation, giving you a heating system that will provide reliable, comfortable heating all winter long.

Call 704-960-1775 or reach out online to schedule Maytag® furnace installation in Charlotte, Cary, Hickory, or Mt. Pleasant.

Maytag® Furnace Repair Services

If you have a Maytag® furnace, chances are you won’t need frequent repair. Still, there will be times when you need something to be repaired, and when those problems arise, Sky HVAC is here to help. We have knowledgeable technicians who understand the intricacies of Maytag® systems, and we are ready to help you get your system back up and running again.

For qualified Maytag® furnace repair professionals, reach out to Sky HVAC at 704-960-1775 or contact us online.

Maytag® Furnace Maintenance Services

Keeping your Maytag® furnace in good working order starts with proper maintenance. The Sky HVAC team offers Maytag® furnace maintenance from a qualified team of Maytag® experts. By investing in maintenance, you will enjoy:

  • A longer life span
  • Fewer potential repairs
  • Less risk of a complete system breakdown
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Lower energy bills

We recommend scheduling a maintenance appointment at the end of the fall before the heating season begins in full force. Routine care will give you a well-maintained, fully functional system to enjoy throughout the winter months.

Don’t let your Maytag® furnace drive up your energy bills. Schedule your maintenance appointment with Sky HVAC. Call 704-960-1775 or contact us online for service. 

Maytag® Furnace Efficiency:

  • Inventive: Choose a Maytag® furnace and benefit from a system that works with your home to help save heating and energy costs while at the same time providing greater home comfort. The system analyzes temperatures inside your home every minute so it can adjust its firing to meet your home’s heating needs. It adjusts from 50% to 100% with the gas valve and down to 15% with timing working with your smart thermostat.
  • ENERGY STAR® designation: Select matches and sizes of this Maytag® gas furnace system are qualified for the high-efficiency Energy Star designation.
  • Quiet operation: Maytag® units have an insulated cabinet for superior sound reduction. Additional reduction in noise comes from a motor that ramps up rather than abruptly switching on to off. Unlike single-stage furnaces that can be very loud when switching from off to on and vice versa.
  • Innovative controller: With the Maytag® furnace, you have complete control over the comfort of your home. This controller comes with many features, including maintenance reminders, troubleshooting diagnostics, and the capability to program your home comfort system completely.
  • Maximize system efficiency: New SEER technology allows you to boost your unit’s outdoor cooling efficiency. Thirteen to 14 SEER heat pumps or air conditioners can receive an additional SEER of cooling efficiency when you pair with a Maytag® furnace.
  • Pair with an iQ Drive system: For the best home comfort and efficiency, this furnace will work with all high-quality smart iQ Drive cooling products.
  • High energy efficiency: This furnace’s green seal means it’s not only incredibly energy-efficient but additionally includes features that improve performance and home comfort.
  • Factory checked for quality units: Superior quality and heating power is made possible by our quality factory-checking practices. Maytag® units are checked 234 times before they are shipped to your home.

We Proudly Service the Following Maytag® Furnace Models:


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