Air Conditioning Services in Newell

Fast and reliable air conditioner maintenance and installation in the Newell area.

Air conditioning repair is not a service that should require a long wait time. With Sky HVAC, repair work never will be waitlisted as we are a 24-hour emergency AC repair company. However, emergency repairs aren’t the only thing we do! We offer skilled technicians that can perform work on or install just about any brand under the sun. With us, you won’t ever have to worry about how long a job takes because we use flat-rate pricing. This means that you know the price before the job starts and regardless of the time spent, that is the price you pay!

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Optimize Energy Savings

It isn’t a secret that running an AC unit can drastically increase the cost of your electric bills. It doesn’t have to, though. We are familiar with all of the newest products, services, and systems to make your home energy efficient:

  • Ductless mini split AC systems – these systems are not necessarily new, but they are just now catching on in the United States. They function similarly to a traditional AC unit but do not require ductwork. Ductless mini split AC systems are a great option for one room or a whole house, are inexpensive to install, and use less energy due to the fact efficiency is not lost in the ductwork
  • WiFi and programmable thermostats – changing your thermostat may seem like a simple upgrade, and it is. Opting for programmable, wifi-enabled, or ‘smart’ thermostats are an easy way to use less energy and give you better climate control
  • Air duct repair – People often forget about the quality of their air ducts, until it is too late. It is wise to have an HVAC specialist like Sky HVAC check the status of your air ducts to determine if they need to be repaired or sealed, so you can save money on energy costs!

AC Filter Replacement

One of the most important things that can be done to keep your air conditioner working is to have your air filter replaced regularly. Your air filter traps dust and debris and prevents these contaminants from being spread from room to room. Typically it is recommended that average homes change their air filters every 3 months–but this does not take into consideration pets, numerous residents, or people with allergies. If there are pets in the home, the air filter should be changed every 2 months, and people with allergies may benefit from the filter being changed monthly.

Call Your Neighborhood Sky Guy

If you are in need of maintenance or repair of your AC unit, or if you would like to discuss energy-efficient options, Sky HVAC has the right technician for the job! We would never wish for someone’s air conditioner to break, especially in the middle of summer. However, if it does, we will have a technician at your home in just moments. Not only will they be there quickly, but they will diagnose the problem and present all solutions to fix it.

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Call Sky HVAC at (704) 960-1775 for air conditioning maintenance and energy optimization needs! From repairs to installations, and even maintenance, we are the expert cooling contractors you need.