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Take a minute to picture a beautiful autumn day–colorful leaves, pumpkin spice, upcoming Halloween or Thanksgiving celebrations, and knowing that winter is right around the corner. This means it is the perfect time to begin getting your home ready for colder months and the first thing you should consider doing is calling Sky HVAC to inspect your heating system and chimney. Of course, we understand if you choose not to, but the early inspection may help prevent an emergency heating situation. While we are a 24-hour heating service, we also understand that no one wants to go without heat and everyone wants to save money on energy; these inspections are often the best way to meet both of those goals.

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Preparing for Winter

Winter temperatures and storms can be quite unpredictable. This means that every measure should be taken to prepare your home for the cold. Preparing for winter can include purchasing supplies, checking for draughts near windows and doors, as well as insulating your plumbing. This preparedness checklist should also include a heating tune-up and a chimney inspection–especially if you plan to use your fireplace.

Is Your Heater Too Old?

Heating systems are expensive to buy and can be expensive to repair. When preparing for winter months, you should take into consideration if a new furnace is in your future. After all, the last thing needed in extreme temperatures is deciding whether or not to replace or repair a furnace. Here are a few of the reasons a new furnace might be in order:

  • 15 years – this is the magic number of most furnaces. Some have a lifespan that far exceeds this while others barely make it to 10. If your furnace is around 15 years old, be prepared to replace it now or in the near future
  • Energy bills – if your energy bills have increased dramatically with the use of your furnace, it may be because it is not capable of running efficiently anymore. Slight increases are common and expected, but huge jumps are a sign that your furnace is on the way out
  • Temperature changes – within your home, of course. When you walk from room to room, you shouldn’t notice a huge change in temperatures. One room should not feel comfortable, while the next is freezing, and the one after is sweltering
  • Dirty registers – you shouldn’t have soot around your vents. When this happens it means that your furnace is spewing dirt and debris. Pay attention to this sign in particular because it is often associated with carbon monoxide which can be deadly

Sky HVAC is Your Best Bet

With that said, give Sky HVAC a call to ensure your heating system is working properly and efficiently before the temperatures get uncomfortably cold. Our technicians are best-in-class and as always, we guarantee your satisfaction!

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