Packaged HVAC Services in Charlotte

Living in the South means you need reliable air conditioning in place before summer arrives at your Charlotte, NC front door. Sky HVAC has options that will fit homes both big and small. Worried your home size is too small for central air? Our packaged unit HVAC systems give you the flexibility of cooling your home efficiently and quietly regardless of its smaller size.

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Benefits of an HVAC Packaged Unit

HVAC packaged units provide owners with the benefits of energy efficiency, easy low-cost installation, quiet operation, and maintenance accessibility. A packaged unit has large air handlers that can go outside or on the roof for homes that want AC but don’t have space inside for split systems. The outside location of the unit means you don’t experience the AC operating noise inside your home. Also, since packaged units are one single unit, they are easier for technicians to install and service.

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The Difference Between an HVAC Packaged Unit & a Split System

A packaged HVAC system groups multiple units, such as an air conditioner and heater, into a single unit. The unit is typically located outside. Split systems divide each system into its own unit, so your heater and air conditioner are separate. Both systems are effective at heating and cooling your home but have different advantages and disadvantages depending on your home and budget.

Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services for Packaged Units


Choosing a packaged HVAC unit means you are choosing: 1) fast and cost-effective installation; 2) shorter repair times since all the components are housed in one unit; and 3) an HVAC system that will provide you with energy efficiency.

The reliability of your packaged unit is directly proportionate to the skills of your installer. This is why when you choose Sky HVAC you are setting yourself up for success from day one.


Even if you meet all the routine service checks and are dedicated to preventive maintenance, the fact remains that sometimes heating and cooling systems break down. Sky HVAC is available 24/7 for any repair emergency you might find yourself in. Schedule a professional service check once before heating season, and again before cooling season to help prevent HVAC emergencies.


Our Sky HVAC air conditioner tune-up and maintenance services include a 21-point inspection. Our expert technicians will ensure your system is running at peak performance by checking amp draws, refrigerant levels, etc., saving you on energy costs. We also inspect critical components (motors, capacitors, condenser coils, compressor, etc.) to enhance your unit’s reliability.

For quick, dependable, and efficient HVAC repair, call your neighborhood Sky guy at 704-960-1775! We will restore your home’s comfort in no time!

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Installing or replacing your HVAC system is made simple with the experience of Sky HVAC in Charlotte, NC. If you need help determining if a packaged or split system HVAC unit is for you, contact us today at 704-960-1775.  We are committed to delivering state-of-the-art, high-quality products backed by our satisfaction guarantee. We are available 24/7 for your heating and cooling emergencies.

Packaged Unit Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, a split system or a package unit system?

Which system is best for your home depends on your heating and cooling needs and your budget.

What is a packaged HVAC unit?

A packaged HVAC unit is an all-in-one system that sits on either the roof or to the side of a building. They are often used in homes that don’t have crawl spaces or basements. They come in two different footprints (small or large) determined by the BTU/tonnage and installation requirements for your home/building.

What is a split packaged air conditioner?

A split system HVAC system is for homes that have space for large indoor cabinets. It has a condensing unit that sits separately from an evaporative coil unit. The two parts are connected by a copper tube that carries the coolant between the units.

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