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If you wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and find the temperature to be unusually cold, don’t just get back in bed. Chances are, there is something wrong with your heating system. If that scenario has happened before, hopefully, you called Sky HVAC. If that plot hasn’t unfolded for you yet, keep us in mind. Otherwise, you may not be getting an honest price or one of our best-in-class technicians. We answer our phones around the clock and because we use a flat-rate pricing model, you’ll know the cost of the job before it begins.

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Chimney Inspections are Life-Saving

Yes, a chimney inspection can be life-saving. It might be odd to think about, but consider this: when you burn wood, a chemical compound called creosote is created. This compound is extremely flammable–a single spark can ignite it. Not only is it flammable, but it can also burn at a temperature of 3000 degrees for long periods of time. A chimney inspection can alert you to buildups of this chemical which can prevent a major, deadly chimney fire. Aside from learning of creosote, chimney inspections are often a requirement of homeowner’s insurance; many policies won’t cover damages caused by an uninspected chimney.

Other reasons to have a chimney inspection before using your fireplace this year include the fact that dead pests and dried leaves can accumulate in your chimney. This is a fire hazard but also can lead to smoke coming back into your home. Also, cracks in the flue that are detected and repaired before use of the fireplace can stop smoke damage and other issues.

Time to Replace Your Furnace

You probably won’t run out and buy a new furnace without solid evidence that your old one is on its last leg. We have a few signs to look for if your furnace is nearing the 15-year mark:

  • Increasing electric bills – over time, a furnace loses its ability to run efficiently. The less efficiently an appliance runs, the more energy it uses which in turn, costs more money
  • Lack of temperature control – when walking from room to room, it is common for there to be slight variations in temperature. However, these variations should be very slight. If they are noticeable and problematic, the issue could be your furnace
  • Soot near vents – your vents shouldn’t have soot around them. It’s unattractive, but this problem does not mean your house isn’t clean. It means that your furnace is spewing debris and that something is seriously wrong

Calling the Sky Guys

Sky HVAC strives to be the best both in customer service and with our skilled technicians. Of course, our job is to keep your family comfortable and safe, but we want to do so while maintaining an amicable business relationship.

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