R-22 Conversions in Charlotte

Reliable R-22 Conversion Services for Your Home's Air Conditioner

R-22, better known by its brand name as Freon, had been the standard refrigerant for residential and commercial air conditioning systems for years. In 2010, it was determined to be harmful to the environment and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began phasing out R-22 based systems. In fact, production of R-22 has now stopped completely. If your air conditioning system relies on R-22 to function, it is now necessary that you upgrade your air conditioner to an eco-friendlier system, such as R-410A, to reduce ozone-depleting emissions. The professionals at Sky HVAC in Charlotte can help you learn more about what is involved in an R-22 conversion and get you started today!

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Air Conditioning R-22 Conversion or Replacement Services in Charlotte

Depending on the age, efficiency, and utility of your current air conditioning system you can either replace it or opt for a R-22 conversion. For the majority, the most economical option is conversion of the refrigerants in your existing system rather than total replacement. One of our experienced Sky HVAC technicians can evaluate your current system and your home cooling needs to help you better understand all your options. R-22 conversion is not a DIY job. It is a complex process that should only be attempted by a licensed company trained and experienced in this type of HVAC repair.

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Refrigerant Substitutes for R-22 Systems

The EPA has declared several refrigerants as environmentally safe for use in air conditioning units with R-410A being the most used in conversion projects. R-410A isn’t a danger to the environment in the case of a system leak, unlike R-22. Only a licensed HVAC expert can convert your current R-22 air conditioning system to the new R-410A system. These chemicals cannot be mixed, or they will pose dangerous consequences to your existing air conditioning system leaving it nonoperational. Avoid the expense of a broken or malfunctioning air conditioning system by scheduling a R-22 conversion with Sky HVAC today!

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What to Expect in the R-22 Conversion Process

An R-22 conversion project begins with a thorough air conditioning inspection by a Sky HVAC expert to check for any leaks or damages in your current system. This part of the process is essential to make sure that the chemicals used in the conversion process stay contained for a safe install. Following this inspection and evaluation process, the R-410A components and line connections will be installed and resealed for optimum performance. Your AC unit will also receive a few additions to support the new R-410A components, including a new condensing unit and evaporator coil.

After the new mechanical components are installed, and any moisture is removed, a vacuum pump will be attached for several hours to eliminate any remaining water or chemicals in the system before the new R-410A refrigerant is added.

The final step in the R-22 conversion process is an extensive system check before your new AC system begins normal operation. Once the system checks are complete, you are ready to enjoy the energy efficiency and reliability of your new refrigerant.

What Happens to the Old R-22?

A frequently asked question to our Sky HVAC team regards the disposal of the old R-22. Because of the danger that R-22 poses to our environment it can’t be thrown out easily. In fact, it is illegal to dispose of old refrigerant incorrectly. R-22 is required to be contained and returned to an EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimer that is tasked with responsible handling and disposal of the chemical.

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